Heritage Dictionary for Historic Vehicles

A compilation of professional terms for the preservation, conservation and authentic restoration of historic vehicles

compiled and written by Dr. Gundula Tutt

In collaboration with David Cooper, Mario De Rosa, Peter Diehl, Ben Erickson, Carsten Müller, Prof. Dr. Karl Heinrich Hucke, Norbert Schroeder, Thomas Wirth and Julian Westpfahl


In the classic car scene today there is a linguistic confusion of Babylonian dimensions. Pure passion can be celebrated in lyrical tones, but sometimes facts require precise formulation. For example, when reports and evaluations deal with conditions, with originality or "patina" - terms that everyone knows how to use today from their own experience and perspective. Discussions, however, always turn out to be difficult when the vocabulary used is lost in a wide panorama of free interpretations. This fuzziness is particularly irritating because terms from the spectrum of art and cultural assets have increasingly found their way into the world of historical vehicles.


They are mostly used without the definitions that have been established for decades and that are anchored as legally valid standards in international norms, agreements, laws or agreements on the protection of cultural property. 


This technical vocabulary reflects the current status of a large number of terms. It offers everyone who is interested and passionate about historical vehicles, a profound reference to differentiate and describe conditions and approaches more precisely in the future.


German first edition 2019

English edition 2022

66 pages, 53 illustrations

ISBN 978-3-947060-12-2

21.5 x 21.5 x 2 cm

Editing: Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinrich Hucke

Design and overall production: Lydia and Tom van Endert

climate-neutral and printed on recycled paper in Germany

The book is published under the Creative Commons License. All images are expressly excluded from this unless they are also subject to a Creative Commons license or were created by those involved in this work.